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How to Make a Dashed Line in Illustrator

Illustrator can help graphic artists draw different types of lines for images, illustrations and custom content. You can manipulate the lines and adjust different things like direction and size. You can also opt for a dashed line in your project instead of a solid one. This can give your shape or object a bit more texture and interest and expand your creative options. Here is some help with how to make a dashed line in Illustrator.
Open the Stroke Panel
Before you start learning how to make a dashed line in Illustrator, you need to draw a shape or open a shape you’ve created previously. After you open or draw the shape, then, you should select the shape by clicking on it and open the “Stroke” panel. For a simple and quick dashed line, just click on the “Dashed Line” box inside of the toolbar. You can adjust the look of the dashed line by including more gaps or more dashes by checking off the pattern box under the “Dashed Line” box. You can also have the dashes wrap around the corners of your shape or adjust them in a more custom way.
Customize the Look of the Line
While some users may be happy with a basic dashed line on their shape, other graphic artists may want something a little more specific. The Stroke panel also allows you to adjust the way the dashes appear around your shape. If you want dashes with a square end, choose the “Butt” cap option, and for rounded dashes, use the “Round” cap box. If you want your dashes to be longer, use the “Projecting” cap box.
Choose Corners and Arrowheads
Illustrator also allows you to create a custom corner with your dashed line and use arrowheads. If your shape has corners, you can specify how you want the dashed lines to appear near and around the corners. Choose “Miter” join for pointed corners and sharp edges. If you want a shape with rounded corners and dashed lines, choose “Round” join in the Stroke panel. If you want a basic squared corner for your edges, check off the “Bevel” join box. Dashed lines can also be useful if you want to create an arrow. To do this, you’ll need to check off the “Arrowhead” section of the toolbar and select the option that suits your project the best.
While Illustrator is a powerful program with plenty of capabilities, it still has a steep learning curve. With Shutterstock, you can get easy-to-follow tips and tricks to make your learning curve much more reasonable.
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