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How to Join Lines in Illustrator

How to Join Lines in Illustrator

When you need to edit your images or designs to create joined lines, it is fairly simple in Illustrator. You can close the shape and turn it into a straight path and create a line segment between the two end points that closes the path of the line. The following are step by step instructions regarding how to take two separate paths and join them together to create one closed path.

Easy Steps to Design

Paths are created as you draw lines. They are made up of curved or straight segments and each segment is marked by anchor points at the end and the beginning. The anchor points work similarly to a pin that would hold a wire in place. Every path can be closed or opened if necessary.

First, click the tools panel’s selection tool. You’ll want to drag the selection section across both paths you want to connect but do not select the line that was just drawn. 

Next, click object, then path then join. This will now join the left side’s anchor points with a path. Then click object, path and join once more. Then click select then deselect to observe the path that has been closed. Illustrator will join paths with ends that are closer to each other than others. Every time you apply the join command, it repeats the process.

Now, click view then preview. Then click on the path that has been joined and select it. You’ll apply white fill and the default black 1-point stroke by choosing the letter D. You can change the weight of the stroke in the control panel.

Next, you’ll head back to the tool panel to click the ellipse tool and then click on your art board. Change the height to .35 and the width to 1.1 before you click OK. You can change the stroke weight to zero or the fill color to black if you desire in the control panel.

Finally, choose the selection tool by clicking the letter V. Start at the center and move down the vertical path to the bottom by dragging the ellipse. Then move the center to the path’s bottom. If the lamp’s bottom if off the art board’s bottom, you can fix that later.

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