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How to Install Final Cut Pro Add-ons

How to Install Final Cut Pro Add-ons

Final Cut Pro add-ons (or plugins) enable you to create exciting and visually stunning videos. These tools enhance the power and versatility of the video editing software. The add-on categories include Titles, Effects, Generators and Transitions. These are easy to find online. Once you see something you like, you just download it and install it by following a few simple instructions.

Set Up the Location

Your add-ons need folders and a specific location. This keeps everything organized. Go to your computer Home using Shift-Command-H. Now, double-click the Movies folder. Inside there's a Motion Templates folder where your add-ons go when downloaded. If you don't see it, you must create it.

All you do is right-click anywhere in the area, select a New Folder and name it Motion Templates. Right-click the folder and select Get Info. A window that appears with a section labeled Name and Extension. In the box below type .localized at the end of Motion Templates. Hit Enter and close the window. 

Inside the Motion Templates, create folders named Titles, Effects, Generators and Transitions following the same steps above. Make sure you add the .localized extension to each folder name and Get Info window. Adding the extension tells Final Cut Pro where you're plugins are stored.

Install the Final Cut Pro Add-ons

There are two ways you can install the plugins. The method you use depends on the developer and where you downloaded the add-ons. 

Method 1

After you download the add-on, double-click the file. An installer window pops up giving you the option of accepting a licensing agreement. Click Accept. Double-click the installer package and a new window appears. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. At this point, the plugin is automatically loaded into Final Cut Pro. 

Method 2

Some plugin developers don't have installers, so you must do a manual install. Open the ZIP file you download by double-clicking on it. Now, drag and drop the plugin into the Effects, Generators, Titles or Transitions folder. Restart your computer and Final Cut Pro will add the plugin to its respective browser. 

These are two basic ways to install Final Cut Pro add-ons. The installation can be done automatically via an installer package or manually by dragging and dropping plugins into the appropriate folders. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your Motion Templates, Effects, Transitions, Generators and Titles folders have the .localized extension. This ensures the video editing software can easily find your add-ons. 
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