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How To Freeze Frame in Final Cut Pro

How To Freeze Frame in Final Cut Pro

Adding artistic touches and special effects to a video can make it come to life. It gives it an edge and a vibrance that really makes it unique. One effect that is often used in movies is a free frame. This is where a select image or clip is frozen still. This can be easily done in Final Cut Pro on any clip you want in any video you make. You can also use the freeze frame feature to create a file that can be sent to someone else if you want get their opinion, give them a preview or for any other reason. The following explains how to freeze frame in Final Cut Pro.


Doing a freeze frame can be done in the timeline or in the browser. Just start by choosing where you want to work. Then, you will move to the frame you wish to freeze. Next, following these steps:
  • Start playback.
  • Select Edit.
  • Choose Add Free Frame. You can use the shortcut Option-F to do this as well. 

That is all there is to the process of how to freeze frame in Final Cut Pro. It is a simple process, but you may wish to make some adjustments to the frame so it fits your vision.

Adjusting Your Frame

Once you have your frame, you can then make adjustments to customize it for your needs. The main change you will probably want to make is to the duration. The default duration for the freeze is four seconds. You can change this by doing the following:
  • Go to Editing pane
  • Select Preferences (or use the shortcut Command-Comma)
  • Click Editing
  • Adjust the slider

You can also change the freeze frame by removing the frame and just going through the steps to add a new one. 

Final Note

One thing you should be aware of when creating your freeze frame is how the program handles it based on where you are doing it. If you create the frame in the browser, it will attach as a connected clip. If you create the frame in the timeline, then the frame is inserted at location where you created it. This is important to understand so you know where the frame goes once you have gone through the steps to create it, and so you don't end up thinking the process didn't work and add more frames. 

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