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How To Flip a Clip in Final Cut Pro

How To Flip a Clip in Final Cut Pro

You often need to rotate, mirror or flip a video clip to work it into your production. Final Cut Pro, the powerful video editing platform for Macs, can transform clips into any orientation you require. Learning how to flip a clip in Final Cut Pro is a pretty simple process, and once you get some of the basic editing skills mastered, you will probably want to add it to your repertoire.

Pick Your Clip

The first step to learn how to flip a clip in Final Cut Pro is to select it on the timeline. The timeline displays thumbnails of your project that represents the different segments you have imported to render into the final video. After you have imported the clip you want to rotate into the project, click the clip’s thumbnail on the timeline to select it.

Open the Transform Tools Onscreen Window

The button to access the Transform tools is located on the lower left side of the Project Viewer Window. You can also take a shortcut to the Transform options by pressing CMD+Click and selecting “Transform” or pressing SHIFT+T.

Set the Rotation Anchor Point

The white dot that appears in the center of the image sets the point around which the image will rotate. You can click and drag it away from the center to rotate the image unevenly.

Rotate the Image

You rotate the image either clockwise or counterclockwise with the blue handle extending from the rotation anchor point. Grab the handle by placing the mouse cursor over it, clicking and holding down the mouse button. As you drag the mouse, the image will rotate. To gain more control over rotating the image, move the mouse farther away from the center point.

Flipping by the Numbers

You can also flip a clip in Final Cut Pro by using the Video Inspector. The Inspector is one of the main areas on the Final Cut Pro screen that starts in the upper right side of the screen by default. With a clip selected, go to the Inspector and find the Rotation area. You can use the rotation wheel to rotate the clip around its rotation anchor point or enter numbers to set the rotation angle. Positive numbers move the image clockwise and negative numbers move it counterclockwise.

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