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How To Fill Color in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a leading vector image creation program. It is frequently used in professional settings to create logos, marketing materials and other design projects. It’s also growing in popularity in the amateur designer segment because it is so versatile and has so many capabilities. Illustrator can do so many things that it’s hard to learn its full capabilities in detail. Fortunately, you can continue mastering the program and perfecting your design skills as you go along.
Applying color to an image is one of the most important skills you can learn in Illustrator because it enhances your efficiency when creating designs. There are different painting methods you can use in Illustrator, including the Stroke tool and the Fill tool. The stroke tool can be used to create a visible outline around an object or to create stylized paint strokes with brushes. The Fill tool is used to add color to the inside of an outlined area. Here’s how to fill color in Illustrator like a pro.
Select and Apply a Color
There are several different methods you can use to select your fill color. It’s up to you to determine which method is the simplest for you to use. Once you’ve chosen the fill color you want, you can apply it to an object. Depending on your end goal, you may choose to apply a single color, gradient or pattern to the object. Alternatively, you can apply different colors to the various faces within the object by using Live Paint groups. Here’s how to select and apply your chosen fill color:
  • Choose the color you want in the Control panel, Gradient panel, Color panel, swatch library or Swatches panel.
  • Click on the Eyedropper tool then Option-click (Mac OS) or Alt-click (Windows) the object you want to apply the currently selected fill or stroke attributes to.
  • If the object has a current fill and you want to remove it, you can do so by clicking the None button (a square with a diagonal line through it).
You can also quickly add color to an unselected object by dragging your chosen color to the object from the Fill Box or the Gradient, Color or Swatches panels.
Improve Your Designs
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