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How To Export Video for Instagram in Final Cut Pro

How to Export Video for Instagram in Final Cut Pro

You may have a challenge uploading quality videos to Instagram. The platform typically compresses the video during the uploading process, which distorts your video's quality. You put a lot of time and effort into your project, and you want your followers to enjoy what you created. To ensure your work looks its best on the social media network, follow the tips for improving the Instagram video in Final Cut Pro. 

Adjust the Project Settings

Create a new project and open up Settings. At this stage, you don't want to use the software's automatic settings. Instead, you want to focus on customization. Name your project and set the video size as 640 X 360, 640 by 640 or 640 by 800. Instagram's has a Standard Definition of 720p HD. Additionally, don't choose anything above 30 frames per second, because 23 or 24 frames per second should work just fine. Keep the rest of the settings as is. Click OK and prepare to import your video footage. With this customization, there shouldn't be an issue with Instagram compressing your video, which results in poor video quality.  
Change the Export Settings

Import your Instagram video in Final Cut Pro and drop it into your timeline. Now, it's time to focus on additional settings you need for your footage. Click on File, Share and then click Master File. Go to Export settings and make sure the video codec is H.284 Faster Encode. Choose Computer as the format. Also, shoot for a maximum file size of 20 megabytes or lower, if possible. Hit Next and save your project to your desktop. Keep in mind these settings are specific to Instagram, so you wouldn't want to them for other social media outlets, such as YouTube.

Start the Upload

In this step, you need AirDrop, Google Drive or Dropbox. Go to your desktop and right-click your video. Click Share and place it on one of the file sharing options above. If you're using AirDrop, the video will show up in your Apple device, such as your iPhone. Find your video in AirDrop and upload it to Instagram. 

Instagram does not have the best compressors. Because of this, it can turn your high-quality video into a visual eyesore. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for that. As long as you optimize the compression settings, you shouldn't run into any issues with Instagram video in Final Cut Pro. There you have it. Now go wow your followers with your awesome-looking videos.
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