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How To Export Photos From Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a fantastic program that helps photographers turn good shots into stunning images, but you need to know what to do inside the program. Once you’re imported the photos from your shooting session, it’s time to get to work on the editing process, but what do you do once you’re done touching up the image? You need to get your photograph out of the program and into a folder so you can find it, and this software makes it very easy. Here’s how to export photos from Lightroom to your computer’s hardware or another storage device.
Open the Export Screen
The first step in exporting your photos is to call up the export screen, which might not be immediately visible. If you still have the “develop” tab selected, click on the “library” tab to change the available options on your screen. Simply click the “export” button in the screen’s bottom left corner. You can also press the control or command keys along with shift and E for an easy keyboard shortcut. For one additional method, go up to the “File” menu and select the export option from the dropdown menu.
Make Your Selections
With the export screen in front of you, there are some choices to make. Your first task is to choose where your photos end up after exporting. You can pick a specific folder and even create a subfolder that keeps your pictures separated from others in your collection. The next box asks how you’d like to have your photographs named, and while it defaults to their existing names in your catalog, you can also choose to rename it according to your wishes. If you scroll down the screen, you can choose the file format, resolution, size and even add a watermark to protect your work from online theft. Once you click “export,” your images will be saved in the appropriate location, and any post-processing programs you selected will launch.
Take Control of Your Workflow
Now you’ve mastered how to export photos from Lightroom, you’re ready to incorporate your images into everything from online picture albums to professional graphic design projects. Of Lightroom’s many features, the most beneficial might be its ability to organize your photos into the right locations so you don’t have to waste time looking for them later. If you need some additional elements for your project, visit Shutterstock for a massive database with millions of royalty-free photographs, video clips, fonts and music.
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