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How To Export Final Cut Pro?

How To Export Final Cut Pro?

With Final Cut Pro, it is possible to perform all sorts of edits to video files, from color correction to audio sweetening. One of the most essential pieces of information you need to know to effectively use this program is how to export Final Cut Pro. Once you have finished making all your edits, you need to be able to create a file that you can actually use and share. The process is incredibly simple, especially if you are using the most recent version of Final Cut Pro. With Shutterstock, you can learn all the ins and outs of exporting high quality video.

The Simplest Option

When Final Cut Pro X was released, they greatly simplified the export function. There is now a shortcut to get started. Simply press "Command + O" to open the export menu. Then, there are only two options you need to select. First, you must select the right codec. Final Cut Pro X made this step simpler as well. Choosing "Current Settings" is the default and will provide you with the highest quality video file possible. Next, consider whether you want to use a compressor. This reduces the file size at the cost of video quality. If you want the crispest, cleanest video possible, make sure the exporter is not set to use a compressor.

Format and Codec

If you are using Final Cut Pro, rather than Final Cut Pro X, the export process is slightly more complicated, but you can still become an expert in no time. The export button is located in the upper right corner and immediately you will be presented with several options. At this point, you can select presets that have been prepared for you based on where the video will be going. For example, one preset is designed specifically for uploading a video to Facebook. If you value simplicity, feel free to select one of these options, but if you want to have control over your export, you should select "Master File." 

File Type and Location

The last few minor settings you must handle are the file type and location. The default file type is "Quicktime Player." You also need to navigate to where you want Final Cut Pro to export the file to. Most importantly, you need to select a file that you will know how to reach, so the file is not lost.

If you need to know how to export Final Cut Pro, you can count on Shutterstock for the best information. We can help you with many other image and video editing software as well.

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