How to Export After Effects to MP4

In this walkthrough, we've shared how to export After Effects to MP4, so you create a file format that anyone can enjoy on their computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

What is MP4?
Also known as MPEG-4, MP4 is a common video format that can play on a variety of devices. It offers a solid balance between quality and file size, with excellent data compression that doesn't detract from the visuals in a significant way. It's a highly practical way to share videos online, and virtually all media playback software supports it. 

How to Export After Effects to MP4
First, launch your desired After Effects project and check to see if you need to make any last-minute tweaks before exporting the video file. Then choose "File" > "Export" > "Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue". 

Next, you'll need to launch the Media Encoder Queue and click on the project file to show the Export Settings dialog box. This has options for export video quality, format, and more. In the Format section, make sure that "H.264" is selected, so that you export an MP4 file. When you're happy with the settings, click OK. 

To set an export destination for your file, click on "Output File" in the Media Encoder Queue. A "Save As" window will appear, allowing you to choose a name and location for the MP4 file. To start the render process, click the green playback icon at the top of the Media Encoder Queue. You can see the progress at the bottom of the screen, as well as an Output Preview thumbnail. 

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