How to enlarge a picture in Photoshop

When resizing a traditional bitmap image like a JPEG, there are important considerations to take into account. However, how to enlarge a picture with Photoshop is fairly easy to do.

To enlarge a picture in Photoshop, simply open the image and navigate to Image > Image Size. Make sure the link icon is highlighted so you preserve the proper proportions. Change the width and height in pixels to the size you want, and then select Resample. Resampling attempts to fill in some of the newly created space with pixels that make sense, either matching in color or creating a smooth gradient. Once you click OK, the image size is updated.

It’s important to take into consideration that increasing the size of the image will inevitably degrade the quality of the images. The number of pixels in an image is always finite. Therefore, when you increase the size of an image, but the number of pixels remains the same, you will reduce the image quality. If you’re making a small change in size, this might not make too much of a difference. Alternatively, if you make a big change in size, this could become quite noticeable.

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