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How To Edit Text in Premiere Pro

How To Edit Text in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is not just for YouTube creators. Editors have used the program to edit feature-length Hollywood films, including Deadpool and Gone Girl. A lot goes into editing to come up with a satisfactory finished product, and over the course of a project, you may need to alter text. Knowing how to edit text in Premiere Pro is a useful skill you will likely use time and time again as you edit professional videos. 

Use the Type Tool

When you have updated to the latest version of Premiere Pro CC 2017, you will find a new tool in the toolbar. It consists of a capitalized “T,” and it is called the type tool. This allows you to work with text inside the video so much more simply. You can effortlessly create a text box in the video monitor where you can type anything you want. 

In the event there is any text you want to change later, you can select the type tool and then go over to the text editor on the right-hand side of the screen. Your editing options for text exist under “Effect Controls” and “Essential Graphics.” 

Play Around With Different Ways To Adjust Text

With these tools, you control every single detail of the text. You can alter the font size or change the paragraph style. To create a sense of depth with your text, you can select the fill, stroke and shadow options. You will need to place a check mark next to these options manually to utilize them. 

One of the most powerful tools offered in the latest update involves putting multiple layers of text in a single text box. To do this, you will need to create a second text box and overlay it with the initial box. This allows you to edit multiple lines of text in the same segment of video independently. Under “Graphics,” you can go to “New Layer” and select rectangle or ellipse. This allows you to create a background for the text to really make the words stand out. Making visual flairs has never been simpler. 

Edit Text With Ease

You can have a lot of fun with Premiere Pro once you know precisely how to edit text in Premiere Pro. The editing tools are useful to have in your back pocket, and another tool you should utilize often is Shutterstock. Millions of royalty-free video clips are available to also incorporate into your videos to make them more dynamic and memorable. 
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