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How To Edit Photos in Premiere Pro

How To Edit Photos in Premiere Pro

When you're editing a professional quality video, you may want to insert still photos or illustrations in some parts of your project, depending on the topic and tone. Editing with Premiere Pro gives you the flexibility to not just add pictures to your video but to also edit and manipulate them to reflect what your finished project will look like. Here are some helpful tips to give you the basics about how to edit photos in Premiere Pro. 

Basic Adjustments 

Once you've chosen the right picture and placed it into your project timeline, then it's time to make some adjustments to perfect the look. You can customize the amount of time the photo or picture appears on screen by playing around with duration tools. The standard length of time a picture will appear on screen is five seconds. To change this, you'll need to visit the Preferences menu on your timeline toolbar menu. Users can adjust the number of frames a picture will appear on screen or adjust the number of seconds by increasing it or decreasing it. This will apply to all of your still pictures.

Cool Effects 

A picture simply appearing on screen may not be enough to add interest to your project. You can adjust this and create movement in your photos or illustrations by adding some cool motion effects. Once you master the basics of how to edit photos in Premiere Pro, play around with simple animation effects by using the Effect Controls menu box. In this control panel, you can add motion, rotation or change the position of the photo to bring it to life. 


Another way to use photos or illustrations in Premiere Pro is to create a sequence of still images. This gives your video a cool montage effect that can add something special to your project. Select the photos you want to include in your sequence on the project area of your screen and choose Automate to Sequence to get started. The program will automatically sort and adjust each photo to make it part of a montage sequence. You can customize the settings and sort the photos in the order that has the most impact. You can also add transitions and change the duration of each photo in the time lapse. 

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