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How to Edit PDF Documents

How to Edit PDF Documents
There are a limited number of ways to edit PDF documents, but they are growing. It used to be
that the only documents you could edit outside of Acrobat were fillable PDFs, but now there
are a few different options for those who are looking to make changes to PDF files. Before
choosing the best method for your purposes, it’s a good idea to ask yourself how many rounds
of changes will need to be made, how many people need to give input on these changes, and
how quickly you need them made. That’s because each option for editing PDF files is a little

How to Edit PDF Files in Acrobat
Adobe’s Acrobat program is the original mainstream PDF editor, so all you need to do to work
on files is open them in the software and then click on Tools and Edit PDF. From there, you will
be provided with the editing options and you can make changes as needed before saving. This
is a great idea for making small changes on the fly, especially if you are correcting typos or
misstated data.
How to Edit PDFs With Cute PDF
You can use the online Cute PDF editor to make changes in your files if you are comfortable
uploading them to a third-party online app and you have Adobe Flash enabled in your
browser. This is a good option for non-confidential files, but it doesn’t provide you with the
options that Acrobat Pro does or the security.
Editing PDF Files With Word
The first step to editing PDFs with Word is converting them into Word files, so you still need
Acrobat or another method of editing the file on hand. Exporting to Word is often a good idea
for efficiency reasons, though. More people have access to Word, so collaborative edits are
easier to perform. Word also has very intuitive visual formatting options and text editing
options that most people are comfortable with, so it can be a great tool for making
fundamental changes in presentation before exporting to PDF and making final adjustment
edits in Acrobat.
Choosing the Right Method
Learning how to edit PDF files will take time and practice, but with Shutterstock tutorials, you
can learn the basics quickly, allowing you to put together the digital design projects that will
stun your colleagues. Don’t forget to check out the selection of great stock images available
to provide depth and detail to all of your outward-facing publications.
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