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How To Cut Clips in Premiere Pro?

How To Cut Clips in Premiere Pro?

One of the most powerful and versatile programs for editing video files is called Adobe Premiere Pro. This piece of software allows anyone to put together a sequence of clips, manage the audio and colors, apply effects and titles, and export a finished video to be shared and enjoyed. You can achieve professional-quality video with enough practice. If you are just getting started, however, the first thing you need to understand how to do is cutting clips. This is the fundamental way to manipulate a clip and it will be the first step in creating any finished video. Learn how to cut clips in Premiere Pro with the help of Shutterstock.

The Razor Tool

Cutting clips is actually quite simple. You can click on the end or beginning of a clip and drag it to shorten or lengthen it. This is probably the most straightforward way to get clips to the appropriate length, but it is also quite imprecise. A much better approach is to use the razor tool. You can select it on your toolbar, or use the shortcut "C" to select this useful tool. With the razor tool selected, simply click on a clip to cut it on a certain frame. For more precise cuts, you can zoom in on the timeline as much as you need to, making it easy to select the exact frame you want. Using the razor tool will split the clip, which includes its audio track, into two clips. You can Alt-click (or Option-Click on Mac) to cut only the audio or video track without cutting both. 

Manipulating Clips

So now you know how to cut clips in Premiere Pro, but how does that help you create a finished video project? First of all, you need to go through all your clips and use the razor tool to remove anything that does not belong in the finished product. Simply select the clip of the unwanted footage and delete it. Extensively cutting and deleting clips can permanently damage or eliminate your footage if you are not careful. It is recommended that you create a duplicate of your project before you make any cuts, so you have unaltered copies of every clip, just in case you want to undo some of the permanent changes you make.

Turn to Shutterstock to learn all the other basic principles of using Adobe Premiere Pro like a professional. We can also provide tips for using Photoshop, Final Cut X, and many other video and image editing software.

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