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How to Create Shapes in Illustrator

Freehand drawing in Illustrator lets creators build a variety of original artworks with ease, but it’s not all there is to mastering the software. When you learn to master building shapes and blending layers as well, you gain the ability to add new dimension and new levels of precision to the graphics and designs you put together. Follow this easy tutorial to learn how to create shapes in Illustrator, and then practice for yourself until you figure out how to make the shapes fit together to build the objects in your visual world. It all starts with learning to place a rectangle, but in the end it lets you build regular shapes like architectural features with ease and precision.
Building Your First Shapes
Using the shape tools is a matter of simply selecting the one you need and placing it, but that’s easier than it sounds. First, locate the Rectangle Tool. That’s in the toolbox, and it’s the default shape before you select one. To change the shape:
  1. Hover over the Rectangle Tool
  2. Select the shape you want from the drop-down list that pops up
  3. Select the area for the shape by clicking and dragging
  4. Once the shape is placed, you can place more to keep drawing
If you need to undo and redo the shape, using the regular undo and redo commands will allow you to edit as needed. You can also change to gradients, change line types, change colors, and make all sorts of tweaks as you build individual shapes into the complex objects you are drawing.
Putting Together Techniques
The basics of using Illustrator are easy to master, but if you are looking at how to make shapes in Illustrator that you can use as backgrounds for real-world settings or as the building blocks for characters, monsters, countryside, or objects, you need to be patient and master the step by step process of planning colors and shapes to slowly reveal the overall design. It can take time, but the best way to master the technique is with practice.
Shape making in Illustrator is easy, and it gets easier to control when you learn to use the zoom settings to size and place everything right where you need it. That will give you the control that you need to be able to make the best use of assets like the great stock photography available at Shutterstock, allowing you to push your designs and original art to the next level.
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