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How to Create Arrowheads in Adobe Illustrator

Arrowheads are incredibly useful design features that help direct the flow of information around your graphics, so it’s not surprising that they are one of the key tools that new users want to learn when they pick up Adobe Illustrator. If you are looking at how to create arrowheads in Adobe Illustrator, there are a few different options, depending on the exact look you want to achieve.
Creating Arrowheads With the Stroke Panel
Easily convert any line into an arrow with a head and tail of your own choosing! After you have created and selected the line you want, open the Stroke Panel by selecting the Window menu and then choosing it. Then, find the section called Arrowheads and use the drop-down menus to select the one you want.
How to Create Arrowheads With Symbols
Sometimes, you want an arrowhead that doesn’t just emerge from a regular line, and that’s where some of the other options like Symbols become useful.
  • Open the Symbols menu by choosing Window > Symbols
  • In the panel, open the fly-out menu that lets you see the options for arrow symbols
  • Select your option from the pre-set arrows.
How to Create Arrowheads in Adobe Illustrator Using Glyphs
The preset symbols look more like clip art, with various color and style options. The glyphs give you the option of a more basic, less detailed arrowhead that still has the convenience and easy placement of a pre-made object. To use Glyphs:
  • Choose a typeface that uses glyph characters by selecting Window > Type > Glyphs
  • Select the bottom of the panel and scroll through to find the arrow characters
  • Create a text box where you want your arrows
  • Place the characters from the Glyphs typeface of your choice on the document
Creating Arrowheads With Brushes
There are pre-set brush arrows you can use to create your own custom arrowheads that look exactly like you want. This option takes the most skill to execute, but it also gives you total control over the output in ways the others don’t.
  • Select Window > Brushes
  • In the fly-out menu, select Open Brush Library > Arrows
  • Choose from among the three arrow preset families in the library
  • Use the Paintbrush tool to paint your arrow where you want it
Choosing the Perfect Image Assets
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