How to Convert Publisher to InDesign

Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign are two popular choices for designing magazines, newspapers, flyers, and posters. In this brief walkthrough, we've shared how to convert Publisher to InDesign, and vice versa, so you can work between the two design programs.   

How to Convert Publisher to InDesign
Unfortunately, there is no easy way to perform this conversion task without a paid plug-in. Here are the two best options on the market today:

  • Pub2ID: Designed by Markzware, Pub2ID offers quick and clean conversion from Publisher to InDesign. The data conversion process ensures that all attributes are preserved in InDesign, including fonts, links, layers, and more. At $199, this plugin is reserved for graphic design professionals who need to save time.  
  • PDF2ID: Since you can export a Publisher file (.pub) to PDF format, it's possible to use this plug-in to bridge the gap. PDF2ID recreates every PDF attribute in InDesign, including tables, graphic layouts, and text boxes. There are three versions of PDF2ID: Lite ($99), Standard ($199), and Professional ($299). If you don't need batch conversion features, the Lite plugin should have enough functionality for the average user. 

How to Convert InDesign to Publisher
1. First, open the InDesign document that you wish to convert. Choose "File" > "Save As", and select "PDF" in the File Type section. Then, click "Save".   

2. Launch Adobe Acrobat (or the free version), and choose "File" > "Open". Find the PDF in the file directory, and then click "Open". 

3. Now, choose "File" > "Export" in Acrobat, and select "Word Document" in the File Type section. Choose an export destination in the file directory, and then hit "Save". You can close Acrobat at this point. 

4. Launch Microsoft Publisher, and choose "File" > "New" to start a new document.  

5. Finally, choose "File" > "Import Word Document" in Publisher. Locate your converted Word document, and then click OK. Publisher will now convert it to a .pub file. 

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