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How to Convert PNG to Vector in Illustrator

There are many different image file types that you can use with Illustrator or other graphic design programs. Sometimes, you may need to convert some of these files to make it easier for image manipulation. Luckily, Illustrator gives users the option to manually convert some of these file types when working on a project. Most users prefer to work with vector images when using Illustrator, and there are easy methods of transforming your image into a vector file. Here is some help on how to convert PNG to vector Illustrator.
The PNG File Extension
If you have a PNG file, you may want to convert PNG to vector Illustrator. The PNG file extension stands for portable network graphics file. PNG is simply another way to create an image, such as JPG, GIF or BMP. The PNG image is a good option if you want something that retains its quality and has high contrast colors. But, PNG files aren’t as easy to work with if you’re making big changes to something in Illustrator. That’s why many users prefer to convert the PNG file to a vector image.
Convert Using the Trace Option
To start the conversion, first, you must open your PNG image. Then, select the image with your cursor and click on each circle target icon around the image to further select it. After selecting your image, the tracing toolbar will appear at the top of the screen. If you want to instantly convert the file to a vector image, just click on “Image Trace” at the top of your screen. Illustrator will take a few seconds to complete the conversion and adjust your image so it fits the vector file type.
Achieve a More Specific Look
Sometimes, after the initial conversion, a user may not be completely satisfied with the final product. If this happens, click on undo and restart the image conversion process. After you select the image, don’t click on “Image Trace” just yet. Go to the dropdown menu next to the tracing tool and select one of the preset options to get a different look for your conversion file. The menu has plenty of different options including Line Art, Sketched Art and Black and White Logo. Choose the one that works best for your project, or play around with the settings to find the exact look you’re thinking of in your vision.
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