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How to Convert PDFs to Word Files

The DOCX and PDF formats have become standard document file types for every industry over
the past two decades, and because of this, the need to convert documents back and forth
between the two options has been a constant necessity. It’s not difficult to make the
conversion if you have the right tools, but for the many people who do not have them yet, it’s
important to know how to get help. Here are three ideas for how to convert PDFs to Word.
Using Adobe Acrobat
Adobe’s Acrobat software is the original mass-use PDF editor that made the file format
accessible.The reader is built into most web platforms and operating systems now, and many
other software providers have built reader software, but editing existing PDF files is something
that Adobe still retains as exclusive to Acrobat. Open the PDF in the software, and then follow
these steps:
  • Click on the Export PDF tool on the right side of the screen, in the pane
  • Select Microsoft Word as the export mode, then choose Word Document
  • Click Export
  • Name the Word file and select a desired destination folder
If you are converting a PDF with scanned text, the Acrobat software will automatically detect it
and run text recognition on it.

How to Convert PDFs to Word Without Acrobat
There are a few online platforms that promise to convert your PDF file to a Word document
and send it to you, but they are not necessarily secure. By authorizing a third party to process
the document, you run the risk that information will be skimmed and retained. If this isn’t an
issue, then using these services can help in a pinch. If you plan on having to convert files on
a regular basis, though, a subscription to Adobe’s software is a great idea. It’s a core part of
the online Creative Suite software.

Converting Word to PDF
Luckily, when you need to convert that Word document back to a PDF file, the process is a
lot easier. Most word processing platforms have an Export to PDF function. In Word, it is an
option under Export on the File menu. Since access to Acrobat can sometimes be limited,
using Word for collaborative project files and exporting only when necessary is an efficient
way to handle the file conversion issue.
When you are putting together digital documents using Shutterstock photos and other
creative elements, remember that using the most accessible file types makes revision
easy for your whole team.
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