How to Change Page Size in InDesign

In this handy guide, we've shared how to change page size in InDesign, so you can create a custom page that fits your project. At any point in the creative process, you can reorient the page layout so your content stays proportional, or manually adjust it to match your needs.  

How to Change Page Size in InDesign
When you start a new InDesign project, you have the ability to select a page orientation (i.e. landscape, portrait) and size for every page in the project. However, it's also possible to adjust individual pages with the Page tool. To select it, press Shift+P or click on the third icon in the Tools panel (it looks like a blank page with a small cursor).  

Once you've selected the Page tool, click on the page that you wish to edit. You should see small white markers on the page corners. The control panel at the top of your project will also show a variety of Page tool settings, including page size and orientation. 

Depending on your needs, you can enter a manual value in the Width and Height section, or select a standard page size in the adjacent drop-down menu. These include sizes like A4, Letter, Tabloid, and US Business Card. Finally, you can choose a landscape or portrait orientation for that particular page.   

Once you've made adjustments to the page dimensions, you may need to reposition certain objects or images so that they fit the new layout. Just choose the Selection tool and drag on individual elements to move or resize them. 

How to Use Liquid Layout 
Besides adjusting the pages manually, you can use the Liquid Layout setting to automatically arrange elements whenever you tweak the page dimensions. To enable this setting, go to "Window" > "Interactive" > "Liquid Layout" to open the Liquid Layout panel. To use this feature, the Page tool must be selected. 

Within the panel, the Liquid Layout Rule is set to "Controlled by Master" by default, which means the Master settings will be applied to all pages. If it's set to "Re-center", the content will stay centered no matter how you resize the page. Meanwhile, if it's set to "Scale", the content will keep the same scale when you adjust the page dimensions. In the Resize with Page section, you can also enable the "Height" and "Width" options so that they resize independently with the page. 

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