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How to Change Background Color in Photoshop

In this handy guide, we've shared how to change background color in Photoshop, so you can adjust your background layer (or make a new one) at any point in the creative process. 
Choosing Backgrounds in a New Project
Open Photoshop and choose "File" > "New" to start a new project. In the New dialog box, click on the section called Background Contents and select a background color. By default, the color will be set to "White", but you can also choose a preset color or a transparent background. Name your project file at the top of the dialog box, and click OK. 
Creating a New Background Layer
If you're already working on a project and need to adjust the background, just choose "Windows" > "Layers" to bring up the Layers panel. All of your current layers are listed in this panel, and you can arrange them from foreground to background. 
Next, choose "Layer" > "New Fill Layer" > "Solid Color" from the main menu to create a custom background layer. Select the Color drop-down menu, pick any color that you like, and then click OK. Then, click and drag your new layer until it's listed above the original "Background" layer in the Layers panel. 
Finally, Choose "Layer" > "Merge Down" from the main menu, and your original background will be updated to the new color. 
Tweaking an Image's Background Color
If your Photoshop project contains an image file with an unsightly background, you can isolate the image subject and adjust the background color. 
Choose the Quick Selection tool (it looks like a brush drawing a dashed circle) and drag your cursor diagonally from one end of the subject to the other. A dotted line should appear around the subject. If part of the subject has not been included, just continue clicking on those areas to increase the overall selection. 
Next, click the "Refine Edge" button on the far right side of the Quick Selection control panel. In the following dialog box, experiment with the radius slider, find a desirable setting, and click OK. Then, right-click on the image background and choose "Select Inverse". The background will now have a dashed line around it. 
Finally, choose "Layer" > "New Fill Layer" > "Solid Color". In the New Layer dialog box, you can select a fill color for the background. Once you've learned how to change background color in Photoshop, you can use the Quick Selection tool to adjust almost any section of an image! 

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