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How To Add Transitions in Final Cut Pro

How to Add Transitions in Final Cut Pro

You can use transitions to add visual impact to your videos. They can help you tell your story and improve viewer engagement. There are dozens of options to choose from ranging from dissolve and fade to cut and wipe. Whatever tickles your fancy, you can make your videos pop when you know how to add transitions in Final Cut Pro
Select a Transition

Of course, you need to import your video and add it to your timeline. In the lower right area of your workspace, open the Transitions browser. On the left column, you'll see a list of specific transition styles. Scroll through and pick one that you like. Click on it, hold it down and drag it on top of your footage. You can place it at the beginning, end or anywhere in between.

There's another quick and dirty tip you can use when editing your video. If you're using the same type of transition for your footage, there's a simple way to add it. This method is ideal when you want to save time, especially when you're working on a lengthy project. Choose Select or Command-A. This highlights all the clips. Now, double-click a transition from the browser and Final Cut Pro automatically adds it to each clip.

Adjust Transition Duration

Final Cut Pro defaults the duration of each transition to one second. You can easily extend the length. Click and drag either edge of the transition and stretch it on either side. This way you can make it as long or as short as you want.

Add Layering

Do you want to add more flair and pizzazz to your project? Try layering your transitions. All you need to do is click, drag and drop a different transition from the browser and drop it on top of the one you have in your video. This is a creative way to go beyond the basics.

Change the Default Setting

Do you have a fondness for a specific transition, such as the crossfade, fade in or jump cut? If so, you can make it your default. All you do is select your clip and hit Command-T then choose your favorite transition effect from the transition browser. Right click on it and select Make Default.

Give yourself a hand. Now you know how to add transitions in Final Cut Pro. This editing technique keeps your videos looking fresh. By simply selecting, adjusting, layering and changing default settings, you can create your own unique style.
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