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How To Add Titles in Premiere Pro

How To Add Titles in Premiere Pro

If you want your videos to look more professional and be more engaging, you need to learn how to add titles to your work. Titles are essentially words that appear on the screen. You can use titles to introduce the beginning of your project, to help the audience understand what they are seeing, to add information about the footage and to give credit to the filmmakers and other participants. You'll need to use a powerful video editing software program, such as Premiere Pro, to add this feature. Here are details about how to add Premiere Pro titles to your video.

Create a New Title 

The first step in creating Premiere Pro titles is to open a new title clip. Just like any other effect or feature in the program, you must create a title as its own clip and insert it into your project. You can add a new title by clicking on the Title menu at the top toolbar. Select New Title and then Default Still. A new dialog box will appear, and you can name your title and make some adjustments to the look and wording of your title. 

Add Text 

Next, you must click on the Type tool to start working on your new title clip. Once you click inside of the space of the title on your screen, you can start typing the text you want to appear during the scene from your video project. Here, you can have fun with the look of the text by choosing your own font style, size, color, alignment and more. Be careful with choosing a font that is too fancy for your video project. It's best to go with a style that is easy to read and consistent with the tone of your project. 

Position the Title 

The last step in adding titles to your Premiere Pro project is to position the title into the scene of your project. Premiere Pro makes it easy to drop and drag the title clip into the exact position you want for maximum effect. You can have a title appear on screen by itself by placing it between other clips. Many video editors prefer the look of the title superimposed on another clip. For this effect, you'll need to place the title above the clips you need to combine. Then, the title will appear on top of the video clip in a seamless look. 

Shutterstock has many more helpful tips to give you the edge on your next video project. With Premiere Pro, some creativity and Shutterstock, you can achieve even more in your video editing studio.
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