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How To Add Text in Premiere Pro

How To Add Text in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a go-to software for anyone who wants to create professional-looking videos. People in the film, television and web industries rely on the software every single day. There are various circumstances where you need to add text to a video. Openers, credits and subtitles can take any video to the next level, so knowing how to add text in Premiere Pro CC is a useful skill you will use all the time. 

Add Text and Titles

First, you need to drag the video file you want to add text to into the timeline. From the toolbar, select “Title” and then select “Default Still.” This will bring up a title window, which will give you options to customize aspect ratio, height, width and timebase. Most of the time, you will want to keep all this information the same. You just need to enter the name of the project. 

Once you hit “OK,” another window will come up that allows you to alter font size and spatial transformation properties. Once everything here is to your liking, you can alter the miniature monitor that has appeared on the screen. You can change the concentric rectangle to know definitively where the text will appear on screen once your video has been finalized. 

Alter the Text

Using the type tool, you can enter the words you want to appear. In the event you need multiple lines of text, you can make line breaks by hitting “Enter.” Once the desired text is in place, you can make necessary adjustments to change the font type, color and size. Press the close button once you are happy with everything. 

Apply the Text and Titles

This text you have just created will show up in the Project panel. You can drag this panel across the timeline over the portion of video you want the text to appear over. At this point, you can also alter the duration the text appears in the video. There are also techniques available to apply animations to the text, which can really make an intro title eye-catching. 

There are many ways to make a video better to accumulate more views and positive comments. Now that you know how to add text in Premiere Pro CC, you can also add high-quality, royalty-free video clips with the help of Shutterstock. Both text and images are helpful to all graphic designers and video editors, and used properly, they can make a video truly make an impression. 
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