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How To Add Subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro

How To Add Subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro gives professional and hobby video editors the tools to create intricate projects with a variety of features and special effects. One useful tool that could help you get a polished product is the subtitle or captioning tool. Many videos incorporate the use of titles, which are words and text excerpts that appear on screen. Subtitles and captions are not as common on most video projects, but they can be helpful if you're creating something educational or targeting a specific audience with your film. Here is a tutorial on how to add subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Basics of Captions 

Captions or subtitles aren't included on every video. When users are watching videos on Youtube, they can turn on captions, but the text isn't always very accurate to what the people on screen are saying. To avoid this scenario, you can add your own custom subtitles or captions directly into your project. First, click on the window of your project and click on New and then Captions. Then, you must decide if you want permanent captions embedded into the video, called open captions, or if you want closed captions, which give viewers the power to turn them off.

Syncing Your Text to the Video

Once you open the captions tool, you can begin typing the words and phrases from the video into the text editor. Premiere Pro allows you to customize the look of your text, with colors, font choices, text styles and more. The tricky part about creating your own captions is getting the words to sync up with the video clip, the narration or the actors on the screen. You may need to practice this skill to get it just right as you navigate the essentials of how to add subtitles in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editing and Importing 

Sometimes, you may have a video clip to import into your timeline, and you notice there already is captioning included. Premiere Pro allows you to edit the existing captioning and correct any errors with the transcription of the audio. You can also add features such as music notes when there is a song playing on screen. This feature and the editing tool can help your audience experience less frustration when watching the finished project. 

Captions and subtitles are just some of the cool features you can play around with when running Adobe's Premiere Pro video editing software. Shutterstock can show you some other helpful effects to use if you want to maximize the impact of your video project.
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