How to Add Powerpoint Animations

Below, we've shared how to add Powerpoint animations to objects, text, and slides that can spice up your presentation. When it comes to using these tools, moderation is crucial, because you don't want to burn out the audience. However, a few deliberately placed animations can draw more attention to your main ideas, and when used effectively, they can make your argument more persuasive. 

Adding Animations to Objects
1. First, load the desired Powerpoint project and select the object or text that you'd like to animate. In Powerpoint, an "object" refers to any shape, image, or text box in a slide. By default, if you click on the border of a text box, your animations will apply to all of the text inside. 

2. Next, select the Animations tab and click "Add Animation" to see a wide variety of effects and settings. Powerpoint animations can make your objects fade, zoom, fly onto the screen, and much more. Choose an animation that makes the most sense for your object, so that it gets the attention it deserves. Here are the four main animation types:

  • Entrance: Make the object appear on the screen with special effects.
  • Exit: Make the object disappear from view. 
  • Emphasis: Grow, shrink, spin, or alter the object in a fundamental way. 
  • Motion Paths: Draw a custom path for the object to follow.     

3. If necessary, you can add multiple animations to the same object by clicking "Add Animation" again. To see the full list of animations for an object, click the "Animation Pane" button in the "Advanced Animation" section. Within the Animations tab, you can also specify when an animation is activated (ex. On Click, Automatically), whether there's a delay before the effect begins, and how long the full effect lasts. 

4. Before sharing your finished Powerpoint presentation, we highly recommend selecting the Slide Show tab, clicking the "Set Up Slide Show" button, and making sure that the "Show without animation" box isn't checked. Otherwise, none of your animations will play when you .  

Removing Animations
Any time you add an animation in Powerpoint, a numeric icon appears to the left of the animated object. This numeral tells you where the animation falls in the slide's overall sequence (ex. number 2, with 3 animations total), and it's the easiest way to determine whether an object contains an animation at all. To remove an animation, just click on the numeral next to the object and press the Delete key.  

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