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How To Add Plugins in Premiere Pro

How To Add Plugins in Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro from Adobe is one of the most fully featured digital video editing programs available on the market today. One thing that sets Premiere Pro apart is its inclusion in Adobe's Creative Suite line of products for the Cloud. By placing its tools in a suite, Adobe further enhances them by allowing all of their products to integrate seamlessly. Another aspect of Adobe's strategy to improve its products continually is the software development kits it provides to third-party programmers. The Premiere Pro software development kits (SDKs) allow developers to create plugins that add extensively to the video editing program's capabilities.

Tapping the Power of Plugins

Using the information available in the SDKs, developers create plugins for Premiere Pro that cover a wide variety of areas. By listening and responding to the specific needs of video editors working on different types of projects, developers add features to the program. Plugins are currently available for Premiere Pro that support different file formats, display specialized editing panels, support project automation and add new transitions and effects.

Whenever a group of users has a need for an enhanced feature, talented programmers go to work creating plugins for Premiere Pro. The plugins are actually separate programs from Premiere Pro, but as the name suggest they “plug in” and function from within the main program to perform the desired task.

Discovering for Yourself

Adobe hosts a large marketplace for disseminating plugins to the public known as Adobe Exchange. Adobe allows developers who meet the criteria for certification to advertise and sell their plugins on Exchange. As a Premiere Pro user, you can access Adobe Exchange and search for plugins to purchase to add particular functions that you need.

Once you find the plugin description that matches what you require, you purchase and download it. Most plugin developers include an installation program that will take care of copying all the necessary files for the plugin to function with Premiere Pro to the right directories on your hard drive. Some plugins are a little less sophisticated and require you to copy the files to the correct location manually. Usually, the Adobe forums contain answers to questions you may have about how to get most plugins to work correctly.

Unfolding Your Advantage

An advanced editing suite like the one developed by Adobe and enhanced by developers all over the world can help you produce the best video projects your imagination is capable of conceiving. With the most extensive library of amazing stock footage on the planet, Shutterstock can help you jump start your creative juices and realize your video destiny.
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