How to Add Pages in InDesign

InDesign gives you the flexibility to design a single-page poster or a thousand-page book. No matter the project, it's useful to know how to add, insert, delete, and number your pages. InDesign provides all these tasks within one panel, called the Pages panel. In this walkthrough, we've shared how to add pages in InDesign using a few different approaches. 

The Pages Panel
This is the control center for adding, deleting, numbering, duplicating, and  sizing in your document. Here, you can adjust the Master page (upper section) and the Documents pages (lower section). By default, thumbnails of each page are displayed in the lower section. The panel allows you to quickly maneuver through a document, without having to scroll to each individual page or spread. 

How to Add Pages in InDesign
1. First, open your current InDesign document in InDesign. Choose "Window" > "Pages" to launch the Pages panel. 

2. Next, click on "Create New Page". To specify the quantity and location of new pages, you can press Alt/Option+click on the "Create New Page" button. Meanwhile, if you select a page and click on the "Create New Page" button, it will insert the new page after your selected page. 

3. In the Pages panel, if you drag and drop the page icon from the Master page (upper section) into the Documents pages (lower section), you will generate a new page. It will be added where you dropped the page icon. Finally, you can add a page by choosing "Layout" > "Pages" > "Add Page". 

Using Spreads
InDesign automatically arranges a document display in spreads. A spread is two pages displayed together on a screen, just like when you open a book. If you'd like to change your view to a layout format with just one page displayed, go to the Pages panel and uncheck the “Facing Pages” box. 

Deleting, Arranging, and Duplicating Pages
To delete a page, go to the Pages panel and click on the page thumbnail that you want to delete. Then, click the "Delete Selected Pages" icon (it looks like a trash can). This action can also be performed by choosing "Layout" > "Pages". 

To rearrange your pages, simply drag and drop a page thumbnail to a different location in the Pages panel. 

To duplicate a page, go to the Pages Panel and drag the selected page thumbnail onto the "Create New Page" icon (it looks like a page with a folded corner). 

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