How to Add Page Numbers in InDesign

In this walkthrough, we've shared how to add page numbers in Indesign, so no matter how your pages change during the creative process, the numbers will always reflect the correct page in the sequence. This is called a current page number. 

Just like with headers and footers, you can add page numbers to a master page and the numbers will update as the pages change. When you're on the master page, the number will display a prefix, but when you move to a document page, it will show the corresponding number. Once you've set up these numbers, you can forget about them and focus on the project.

How to Add Page Numbers in InDesign
1. First, load your current InDesign project and choose the master page where you want to add page numbers. If you don't have a master page yet, you can create one by selecting "New Master" in the Pages panel. Specify the name, number prefix, and other settings for the master, and then click OK. 

2. Next, draw a text frame big enough to show the largest number in your page sequence, and reposition the number where you like it on the page. In this text frame, you can also add words that you'd like to see on every page (like "Pg." or "Page").   

3. Finally, click in the text frame to set your insertion point, and then select "Type" > "Insert Special Character" > "Markers" > "Current Page Number". InDesign will place the current page number at the insertion point. To add these numbers to your document pages, select the page icons in the Pages panel and then hold the Alt key while clicking the master page icon. 

Changing the Number Style
To adjust the Arabic numeral style (1, 2, 3) to alphanumeric or Roman numerals, select the pages that you want to change, and then go to "Layout" > "Numbering & Section Options". Here, you can enable or disable automatic numbering, add a prefix (ex. B-7 or B 7), and much more. You'll find options to change the numeral style in the "Style (Page Numbering)" section. 

Adding a "Page X of Y" Effect 
To show the current and total number of pages (ex. Page 12 of 50), first create a current page number (this will be your x), and then select "Type" > "Text Variables" > "Insert Variable" > "Last Page Number" to create your y value.  

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