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How To Add Effects to Titles in Premiere Pro

How To Add Effects to Titles in Premiere Pro

One sure way to rivet your audience’s attention is by adding effects to your title sequences. Today’s viewers seem to expect evocative or exciting titles to keep them from getting bored. Video producers use a full range of transitions, motions and other effects to give the public what they want. If you need to learn how to add effects to titles in Premiere Pro, you are in the right place. You can make title sequences or any text you want to superimpose over your video do a number of things that will keep your audience glued to the screen.

Creative Use of Text

In order to learn how to add effects to titles in Premiere Pro, the first step is obviously to add the text for your title. From within the Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro you can use the Type tool to create titles. In addition to text, you can add images, shapes and even video clips to layers. From this panel you can also add motion effects to your text.

Step 1

Open your project and view the segment you want to add the titles to in the Timeline panel. At the top of the screen in the workspace bar, click "Graphics" to open the Graphics workspace.

Step 2

Double-click the Titles folder in the Essential Graphics panel to open it. You can drag a Film Motion template to the timeline where it becomes a clip overlaying the current segment. Now adjust the timing, duration and transition to your liking and you have the beginnings of an eye-catching title sequence.

Step 3

You can add visual interest to titles with transitions that make the text fade in and out. You can also use key frames to make the text race onto the screen and then fade out or race out of the frame. The sky (and your imagination) is the limit.

Step 4

To keep your title sequence looking consistent, reuse the motion template you created in step 2 throughout the rest of your project by duplicating it, placing it where you want it on the timeline and editing the text. The command to duplicate the title is Alt-drag for Windows or Option-drag for the MacOs.

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