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How To Add a Drop Shadow in Illustrator

With Illustrator, you can bring life and excitement into your designs if you know how to use all of its powerful tools. One easy technique you should learn to master is drop shadow in Illustrator. A drop shadow is a cool feature you can use to give your images more depth and dimension. You can also use drop shadows in text for an eye-catching graphic design. Here are some ways you can start incorporating drop shadow in Illustrator.
Choose an Object
Before using drop shadow effects, think about where it would be most appropriate. Choose an object on your canvas on Illustrator. Next, click on the object to select it. Check to make sure the “Stroke” box is selected in the Appearance toolbar to get started on this effect. Then, click on “Choose Effect” in the menu, then “Stylize” and “Drop Shadow.” You can then click on the “OK” button and see how the drop shadow looks on your object. If you want to customize the way the drop shadow in Illustrator looks, you can play around with the settings in the dialog box.
Adjust the Drop Shadow Settings
Illustrator allows users to tweak the settings for the drop shadow to get the exact style that’s needed for a project. Before clicking on the “OK” button on the drop shadow menu, you’ll need to make some adjustments. The first setting you can change is the “Mode,” which can change how the shadow blends with the object. The “Opacity” option allows you to change the transparency of the shadow. You can also adjust the “Offset” positioning of the shadow and move it either horizontally or vertically in relation to the object.
Make Changes To Create Something Original
You can also play around with how the shadow appears on the canvas. The “Blur” box gives you a way to make the shadow appear blurrier around the edges or sharper. Finally, you can customize the coloring and shading of your shadow with Illustrator’s capabilities. Click on the “Color” box and select a different hue if you want something that looks different from a typical shadow. Next, select the “Darkness” box to adjust the shading of the shadow. If you increase the percentage of the darkness, the shadow will be darker and more pronounced.
Shutterstock can help you learn the master tips that all of the professional graphic artists know about Illustrator. After reading these guides and playing around with your skills in Illustrator, you’ll be able to design the exact image you need for your project or piece of artwork.
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