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Glitch Effect in Premiere Pro

Glitch Effect in Premiere Pro

From music videos to YouTube tutorials, you always want to add a little flair to catch people’s attention. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the simplest and most effective is to utilize a glitch effect. This will make your video appear as though it just came out of a VHS player. When you want a video with a more retro aesthetic, adding a glitch effect in Premiere Pro is the way to go. 

The Simple Way To Accomplish Glitching

When you have Premiere Pro CC 2017, there is an easy way to add glitching without the use of plug-ins or key framing techniques. First, you need to decide what footage you want to glitch, and you will want to select it in your video timeline. You will need to locate a VHS old tape glitch overlay, which you can find on Shutterstock

Once you have the glitch clip you want in the toolbar, go back to your video and duplicate it. This will provide you with two copies of the same clip. Select the glitch clip and pull it into the timeline over the frame. You may need to adjust the glitch a little bit so that it fits within the duration of the video. You may also want a specific portion of the glitch, and you can alter as you see fit. 

After this, go over to “Effects” and type in “Track.” Under “Video Effects” and “Keying” you will find “Track Matte Key.” Grab the key and drag it over to the duplicate copy of your video. Now that part of the video is selected, you go up to “Effect Controls” in the top left-hand corner. You will see “Track Matte Key,” and now is the time to adjust the composite using. Instead of “Matte Alpha” you want to change it to “Matte Luma.” For “Matte,” select the video line where the glitch is located. 

Go over to the “Scale” tool and increase it by 25 percent. Once you do this, you will see the glitches coming through in your video, giving you that perfect VHS aesthetic. 

Shutterstock Can Help You Get That Perfect Glitch

Making a glitch effect in Premiere Pro has never been easier. Shutterstock has numerous types of glitches available for you to overlay with your video, and you can make your video look glitchy or staticky. Once you purchase any of these clips, you can continue to use it in your videos royalty-free. 
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