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General Error 34 in Final Cut Pro

General Error 34 in Final Cut Pro

One of the most frustrating events that can occur when you are editing a video is the dreaded Final Cut Pro general error 34. The cryptic message gives you absolutely no information about what could be causing the error, it just stops you in your tracks and leaves you with a video project that won’t render. We looked into this puzzling bane of Mac-based video editors and came up with a few possible solutions to get you up and running and hopefully minimize the headaches on your next video project.

Know Your “Ins” and “Outs”

One common reason users reported getting the Error 34 message was misplaced “in” points on their timelines. For some reason, when an “in” point is set at the end of a segment, it triggers the Final Cut Pro General Error 34. You can eliminate this occurrence by carefully checking your timeline for erroneously positioned “in” points and deleting them.

Kill a Bad Clip

Corrupted video clips that you import into your project may also cause the system to generate a General Error 34. Clips can get corrupted in many ways. The most common problem is an interruption in the internet connection when you are importing clips from an outside source. Sometimes, when a video clip is shot at a different frame rate than the rest of the project, the error occurs.

To fix this problem, you must isolate the bad clip and remove it from the project. Render the project in short segments of about 10% of the total timeline at a time. If the system gives you a General Error 34, remove the clip or segment that triggers the error and try again. 

Keep Your Hard Drive Roomy

General Error 34 is officially the code for a "Disk Full" error. In a memory-intensive activity like video editing and rendering, it is common for programs to allocate some of your hard disk space for memory, or scratch disk space. When this portion of your hard drive becomes full or unavailable to the system, a "Disk Full" or General Error 34 may occur.

Most experts recommend that you keep a minimum of 20% of your hard drive space available at all times. Also, in Final Cut Pro, keep your project file sizes below 100MB to reduce the chances of seeing an error.

Amaze Yourself

Completing a problematic video project on time and under budget can be a challenging endeavor. Hopefully, these tips will help you reduce your stress level as you work on your project. If you need the perfect clip for your video production, don't forget that Shutterstock has millions of them. Priced for every budget, our collection of top quality clips in various sizes and formats will put your next video over the top.
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