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Not all of your projects may require stock photography. Sometimes you might need one or more vector graphics to complete the look of your project. If you are looking for free vector images in Photoshop, there are several different places you can find them online.

Understanding what a vector image is and how it works is the first step to determining whether or not this is the right choice for your project. Vector images are digital images that allow you to modify them to suit your needs. Rather than being based on pixels, which is what digital photography is based on, vector images are based on points and planes. This means that you can change the size without diminishing the quality of the image resolution.

There are many websites online where you can find vector images for use in your projects. Some may charge a fee, but many others offer images for free. You can simply download the image and then begin to work with it in your image editing software, such as Adobe Illustrator.

Vector images have a specific file format. The most common is Adobe's EPS, Encapsulated PostScript format. Shutterstock vector images are in EPS format. Other vector file formats you may encounter include SVG, scalable vector graphic; AI, created in Adobe Illustrator; or DXF, drawing exchange format.

Some of the websites you may wish to browse to find free vector images online include the following: Freepik, Freevectors, Vector4Free, Freedesignfile, Vexels, and 123Vectors. A simple web search will also turn up many other websites that offer this type of image for free. Sometimes, free vector image websites don't offer a wide variety of choices, and in this case, you may wish to search for royalty free vector images with Shutterstock.

Shutterstock has royalty free vector graphics and images for your projects, presented in curated stock vector image collections. Visit the Shutterstock vector page to browse the various collections.


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