Video Equipment Needed for Filmmaking

The best equipment for filmmaking depends on the type of content you focus on, your personal film style and your budget. Follow this filmmaking equipment list to enjoy amazing results.

1.  Camera

Your camera is literally the most important piece of equipment in your filmmaking arsenal, so invest in the best option in your price range. Look for good video resolution and frames per second, such as Full HD 1080p and 30 fps to start. Some pro filmmakers prefer shooting in Ultra HD 4K video.

2. Lens Collection

Lenses give you freedom to capture unique shots. Prime lenses are unbeatable for framing, telephotos are essential for wildlife video and wide angles can create stunning depth-of-field effects.

3. Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

For stationary filming, a fluid-head tripod that is lightweight-but-solid will be your best friend. For run-and-gun style filmmaking, always grab a gimbal stabilizer.

4. Alternative Filming Technology

Depending on your budget, HD video from smartphones, POV shots from GoPro devices and even drones can provide attention-grabbing scenes that set you apart.

5. Lighting Equipment

To enhance natural outdoor lighting, start with a set of reflectors. For indoor illumination and best results, invest in a professional three-point lighting setup with stands and softboxes.

6. Sound Recording Equipment

Audio is vital for expressive videos. For YouTube videos, a simple external mic make be sufficient for vlogging. If you want high-quality sound, the best option is a shotgun mic setup with a boom pole and shock mount.

7. File Storage Options

If you’re shooting in 4K, you’ll need a lot of image memory. Some filmmakers keep an external hard drive on hand for this purpose.

8. Hardware and Software

Editing softwares let you customize everything from color range to aftereffects. More features means easier editing but a higher price tag. Investing in high-end computer hardware — such as dedicated graphics cards — is essential to shorten editing and video processing times.

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