How Do Film Techniques Create Meaning

Videography is a form of storytelling, and as such, filmmakers must employ a variety of techniques to create meaning and bring a story to life. For this reason, a prerequisite to practicing filmmaking is learning how to employ film techniques to create meaning. Keep reading for a list of methods and how you can use each to create more of an impact on viewers.

Use Angles to Your Advantage

A simple way to set the tone for your film is to use different camera angles to engage viewers on different levels. When used correctly, camera angles can create moods and encourage relationships between the characters and audience members. For instance, when you use a bird's eye view, you alienate character, creating a sense of detachment and loneliness. However, when you use a close-up, you want audience members to really feel what the character feels. High and low angles are used to create a sense of suppression or superiority.

Try the Ken Burns Effect

Ken Burns is a director who is famous for his documentaries that utilize imagery to paint a narrative that spans history. For many historical subjects, live action footage is unavailable, so Ken Burns uses camera techniques such as close-up, wide shot, pan and tile to focus on the most important subject of a photo and show his, her or its correlation to the story. If you plan on telling a historical narrative, or to introduce several characters with intense backgrounds, it would be worth your while to learn the Ken Burns effect.

Time Lapse

Many filmmakers use time lapse to either help audiences comprehend brief processes by lengthening them or to show natural processes that would otherwise occur too slowly in a single shot. Many nature photographers use this technique, but it can help create meaning in just about any film. For instance, in a love story, it can be used to show two lovers' time spent apart. In a video involving children, it can be used to show them growing up. When used effectively, this technique can be used to establish a relationship between characters and audience members.

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