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Color Correction Presets in Final Cut Pro X

Color Correction Presets in Final Cut Pro  X

One mark of a professionally produced video is consistent color grading throughout the piece. Unintentional color shifts from scene to scene is distracting to the viewer and can make the video seem amateurish. Final Cut Pro X color correction presets make it easier for video editors who are relatively new at the game to obtain color uniformity throughout their videos.

You can also use color presets to remove color casts from certain scenes or enhance scenes with certain tones to evoke desired emotions. You can also adjust the colors of shots taken at different times so that you can edit them together seamlessly. Let’s dive in and look at how to apply basic color presets so you can take off on your own path and start making videos like a pro.

Step 1: Select a Clip

A clip is a single section of video that was shot at the same time. Your project timeline may contain only one clip, or it may include multiple clips if you shot and imported several segments of video. Final Cut Pro X allows you to select clips in several different ways on the timeline. 
  • Dragging a rectangle around the clip(s) you want to select
  • Pressing OPTION+Click selects a clip without moving the playhead
  • Clicking on a clip selects it and moves the playhead to the beginning of the clip
  • Clicking on a single clip and pressing CMD+A selects all the clips in the timeline
  • Pressing CMD+Click selects multiple clips not next to each other
  • Pressing SHIFT+Click selects multiple clips or a range of clips next to each other

Step 2: Display Color Adjustment Window

You get to the Color Adjustment Window by selecting “Window” then “Go To” and “Color Inspector.” You can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing CMD+6.

Step 3: Show the Color Preset Selection Options

Clicking the small Color Wheel button in the lower right corner of the Display Color Adjustment window will bring up the Color Preset Selections that you have available.

Step 4: Select a Color Preset

Select the desired color preset by clicking it and the program will apply the color settings to your selected clip.

Make an Impression

That is all there is to it. Once you start learning what you can do with Final Cut Pro X color correction presets, your only limits are your imagination. When you are looking for that perfect piece of footage to include in your next video, remember Shutterstock has a library of over 11,000,000 royalty-free 4K and HD video clips that will surely meet any need you have.
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