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Cinematic Presets in Final Cut Pro

Cinematic Presets in Final Cut Pro

There are times when you want to keep your footage raw and realistic, and there are times when you want to give it a magical and glamorous feel. You can easily create the scenic look through Final Cut Pro cinematic presets. If you are new to presets, they are a set of pre-configured lighting and editing adjustments using LUTS that you can apply to your videos without having to edit, similar to filters on Instagram and other apps.

How Do You Apply a Preset to Your Footage?

Follow these easy steps when color correcting with presets:
  • In the timeline, select the clip you want to adjust.
  • Press the Effects button located in the top right corner or use shortcut Command-5.
  • Select the color preset in the Effects browser.
  • Drag the preset to the selected clip or simply double click the thumbnail of the preset.
  • Use the Color Inspector if you want to make any changes to the applied preset.

What Are LUTs?

LUT is short for Look Up Table, and LUTs are coded mathematical formulae that help you streamline the process of color grading your videos to a consistent style while saving a lot of time. In other words, LUTs are color profiles that can be plugged into various programs, like Final Cut Pro, for color correcting your film and giving it a professional feel, fast. A LUT alters the color of all pixels in the footage to the color indicated by the table.   

Cinematic Look Up Tables for FCPX

You can try a few presets in the free Cinematic FCPX LUTs pack or buy a full set. The complete Final Cut Pro Cinematic pack offers the following features, to list a few:
  • 60 CUBE LUT files with film-inspired looks
  • FCPX LUT cinematic loader, which easily uploads files into Final Cut Pro without needing any other software
  • 35mm film grain texture included
  • Customization controls offer the ability to further adjust a chosen preset for strength, saturation, contrast, brightness, darks, lights and mid tones

How To Install the FCPX Presets Plugin

The installation process for the Final Cut Pro cinematic presets plugins is quick and simple. Just follow these steps:
  • Close all applications and restart your computer.
  • Press Command-F to generate a finder window.
  • Open the plugin in the Downloads folder.
  • Hit “Double click to install” and verify requested information.
  • A notification will pop up to confirm installation.
  • Open Final Cut Pro and check that the plugin has been installed.

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