Choosing Background Music for Corporate Video

When creating a video for a business presentation or larger corporate event, it's important to consider your audience. What's the appropriate tone for delivering your information? Will your video be more engaging with background music, or will it distract from the message? In many cases, an instrumental soundtrack can add production value to your visuals and help hold viewers' attention. Below, we've outlined some common-sense tips when selecting background music for corporate video. 

Consult Your Colleagues

First, we recommend talking to your coworkers and deciding the primary goals for your video. If it's a straightforward presentation with slides and a few brief clips, you may want some unintrusive stock music to play throughout. Sites like Shutterstock allow you to search for stock music by mood, with categories like "mellow", "inspiring", and "serene" that you can tailor to the presentation's subject matter. Typically, background music for corporate video shouldn't be overly complex or dynamic, unless there's a particularly inspiring moment in your video that deserves a matching soundtrack. 

To find appropriate music, it always helps to ask a few colleagues for their opinion. You may also want to ask a few friends outside of your department, just to get a different perspective.     

Avoid Music with Lyrics (and Profanity)

Generally, the best background music is instrumental. A singer may deliver a gorgeous melody, but their lyrics will inevitably clash with the interviews and presentation slides in your video. You may feel tempted to include a catchy song from this summer, but it will probably come across as distracting and immature. Besides, your favorite Top 40 track may include sexual innuendo or bad words that you're used to hearing on headphones, but in the context of a corporate boardroom, it will be totally inappropriate. When in doubt, it's better to keep your music in the background, keep it pleasant, and avoid vocals. 

Use Humor Sparingly 

Everyone loves to be entertained, but there's a time and place for it. A witty script and goofy background music may win over your audience, but there's also a good chance that they don't share your sense of humor. Typically, corporate videos are a professional affair, which means your background music should be tasteful and inoffensive. Save your clever observations and small talk for after the video, when you're talking one-on-one with peers and collaborators, and you can actually gauge whether they're receptive to your humor.   

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