Blue Screen Technique in Film

Blue screen technique is one of the most common types of scene setting used in filmmaking. It involves placing actors and foreground objects in front of a large blue screen while filming. This technique is also called chroma key. During the editing process, the blue background is removed and replaced with different digital content, from calm outdoors scenery to expansive alien worlds.

Blue Screen Versus Green Screen

Blue isn’t the only color used for chroma key. Many filmmakers and directors select green screens as well. The reason for a blue or green background is that these tones are not present in human skin, making them the easiest to edit out of video automatically.

  • Blue screens are better for low lighting conditions
  • Green screens adapt better to large backgrounds
  • People are more likely to wear blue clothing items than green ones

For these reasons, green screens are increasingly used in everything from news shows to Hollywood blockbusters.

Blue Screen Possibilities

Filming actors using chroma key making paying attention to lighting essential to create realistic scenes. Once mastered, however, this technique provides you with limitless possibilities for storytelling, advertising and other film projects.

  • Shoot on-location from inside your studio: If you think that news anchors always have to brave freezing temperatures to deliver the weather report, think again. Many news channels use a blue screen technique and smart clothing choices to fool viewers while hosts stay safe and warm.

  • Go around the world without a plane ticket: Why fly to France when you can recreate a Parisian bistro from home? Chroma key is very useful for advertising, since you can create the perfect mood with handpicked backdrops.

  • Film year round: Instead of waiting until the weather is just right for filming, keep your actors happy and use digital video for breathtaking scenery instead.

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