Which cameras can be good for beginner filmmakers?

Starting out in the world of filmmaking can be a big challenge. There are so many things to learn, not the least of which is how to select your first camera. A great beginner filmmaking camera has several essential assets that you should be aware of before you make your choice.

One typical mistake that many beginning filmmakers make is that of buying too much equipment before they actually understand what they need. When you are just starting out in the process of making videos, you should focus on some key components before everything else. These include choosing a camera that offers you the features you need without those that you don't, and selecting a professional video editing software such as Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro that will enable you to effectively complete your work in post-production.

A good rule of thumb for the beginning filmmaker is to choose a camera that is affordable, produces high quality HD images, and also offers basic features such as a tripod mount, an external microphone input, and a headphone jack. Basic cameras have lenses that allow you to focus and to zoom in and out. In terms of budget, most quality beginner cameras will cost $300 and upwards.

Many beginners choose to use a DSLR camera for creating their first videos. Although this isn't necessarily a bad choice, the fact is that HD camcorders usually give beginners a much more user-friendly experience. Using a DSLR camera to produce videos requires more expertise and is therefore more difficult for basic learning and practice.

Top brands such as Canon (Vixia HF R800), Fuji (X-M1), and Sony (Handycam CX405) all make good models for those just starting out. In terms of DSLR, the Nikon D3500 is a classic option. GoPro (HERO Session) is also a brand that beginners frequently choose.

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