How to Avoid Image Quality Degradation

As you browse the extensive range of Shutterstock images, you may want to increase the size of an image or alter the image in another way. These functions can sometimes lead to a degraded image quality, which can leave your photos and projects looking poorly designed. Here are a few easy ways to avoid image quality degradation for all your projects.

Increasing the Image Size

The most common reason image quality becomes degraded is when you attempt to increase the image size. When you increase the size, most programs resample the image, or add more pixels in order to attempt to avoid pixelation. By using Photoshop you can choose to not use this feature and therefore save the original image.

Using Vector Images

Another effective way to ensure images can be altered without affecting the image quality is to use vector images. These files are path-based, so you can resize and reshape them without additional distortion. Many users choose Photoshop to vectorize their images. In order to create a vector image, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Window” and choose “Paths”

  2. Choose between the Pen, Freeform or Magnetic Pen options

  3. Create your vector paths

  4. Select the tolerance level

  5. Export your new vector paths in order to use them in another program, such as Illustrator

You’ll need to save the file in a format that is usable in your desired program. Illustrator is a great tool to change your vector paths to a different file type. However, an even easier approach to keeping your images free from quality degradation is to find an image that is already saved as a vector file.

Find Vector Images Today

For a quick and convenient way to utilize vectorized files, browse the vectors selection from Shutterstock. You’ll find a wide selection of stock images and royalty free vectors that make it easy to resize, reshape or redesign your favorite images without losing overall quality.

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