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Auto Color Correction in Premiere Pro

Auto Color Correction in Premiere Pro

In the past, video editors trying to match the color between different video clips had to do the job manually. Relying on their experienced eye and the ability to decipher histograms, the best of the breed did an incredible job of matching shots that were shot at different times of the day or under different lighting conditions. The work was tedious, and unfortunately for most, a skill that required years to master. To get auto color correction Premiere Pro users had to rely on program presets.

Enter Simplicity

Recently, however, Adobe announced that it has added auto color correction to Premiere Pro. The new capability relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to allow users to select a reference clip and have the program color correct other clips to match it. The AI component of the feature uses skin tones as the primary source for the color information map it creates to offload this tedious task from grateful video editors. Instead of having to spend large amounts of time adjusting colors on each segment of a video, users can now set one corrected piece as the standard and Premiere Pro will automatically color grade other shots to match.

3 Easy Steps to Seamless Color

When they realize the amount of time they can save with auto color correction, Premiere Pro users will likely shout for joy. The steps to accomplish what used to take hours are very intuitive and streamlined.

Step 1: Activate Comparison View

Open the Lumetri Panel and click on the Color Wheels and Match group. Click the Comparison View button. Now, you can view and select your reference clip from the Program Monitor.

Step 2: Pick Reference and Target

Set your target clip by clicking and dragging the playhead over the clip. You can use the arrows, the slider bar or enter the timecode to select the reference position. You can view the clips side-by-side so you can see exactly how the program automatically corrects the color space.

Step 3: Make the Match

Use the Apply Match button to tell Premiere Pro to use its AI power to adjust color automatically to match skin tones from the reference clip to the target. Use the Lumetri Color panel Color Wheels to fine tune if necessary.

Advancement Never Ends

Each new timesaving feature added to Premiere Pro serves the creative process by allowing visual artists to expand the time spent on realizing their vision and not on tedious, repetitive tasks. The vast video library at Shutterstock contains millions of beautifully crafted segments to help you save time and expand your creative vision even farther.

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