Shutterstock Plugins for Adobe Applications

The Shutterstock plugins integrate the largest and freshest collection of stock images directly into the creative professionals’ workflow and will bring both inspiration and efficiency to your work. This tight integration to the designer workflow is yet another way we are working to empower the world’s storytellers wherever and however they may be working. 

Key features of the plugin include:
  • Access to Shutterstock’s fast and innovative image search technology
  • Ability to edit any watermarked image for free, with those edits automatically reapplied to the image when purchased
  • Direct access to existing Shutterstock accounts, including Shutterstock Premier
  • Ability to view existing image Collections and access previously previewed and purchased images from the Shutterstock library
  • Instant inspiration from Shutterstock’s curated stock image collections based on color palettes, emotions, and utilities

What is the plugin? 
The Shutterstock plugins for the Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Premiere Pro® applications provide a fast, easy, and convenient way to preview, edit, and license Shutterstock images without leaving the application. The Illustrator® plugin also allows insertion of vector files (but does not currently allow editing or vector layers or objects).

Are the stock image plugins free?
Yes, the Shutterstock plugins are free to download, install and edit image previews.

How do I install the plugins?

  • Download the plugins here
  • Open and install the downloaded plugin file
  • Open the Adobe application or restart if already open
  • In the application, open the Window menu and click Extension to open the Shutterstock plugin
  • Signup up or login to your account

Who can use the stock images plugin?
Mac OS X users and Windows 8+ users can install and use the plugin on Adobe applications CC2015 and newer.

How do I license and buy images?

  • To license and buy images, please login to your Shutterstock account from within the plugin, select the image plan you’d like to use, and select the size of image image you’d like to insert.
  • If you do not have a Shutterstock image plan, please visit us online to view purchase options.

What versions of Adobe Photoshop® application are supported?
The Shutterstock plugin for Adobe applications currently supports Creative Cloud 2015 and newer.

What operating systems are supported? 
The Shutterstock plugin is compatible with Mac OS X, and Windows 8 or newer.

What languages are supported?
All plugins are available in all 21 languages supported by Shutterstock. 

Do previews count against my image downloads? 
Previews do not count against your image downloads. Insert as many images as you want, make edits, ensure they work for your needs, and then license.

I installed the plugin but it's not showing in my Adobe extensions. What should I do?

  • The plugin works for Adobe applications CC2015+. Please double check you’re using a compatible version.
  • Restart the Adobe application. From the Adobe application, navigate to window (in toolbar), extensions → Shutterstock plugin.
  • If you’re still unable to access, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I encounter bugs or other issues? 
If you encounter bugs or other issues, such as difficulty installing or downloading, please contact us for further assistance.

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