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About the Image Detail Page

The image detail page gives you complete information for Shutterstock images and vectors and is where you’ll license and download content.

Preview the Image
Click anywhere on the image thumbnail for a large watermarked preview. You can drag the preview onto your desktop for sample placement in designs, or you can click the "Download a Preview" icon under the thumbnail to download a sample. 

Save to an Image Collection
Also located beneath the thumbnail, tap the "Add to a Collection" icon to save the image to an existing Collection or create a new one and save the image there.

Share via Email or Social Media
Working with a client or team and need stakeholder input? Hit the "Share" icon to grab a sharable link, send one via email, or share the image on Facebook or Twitter. Note that sharing images sends a watermarked preview and link to the image, not a licensed version.

Find the Right Size
Next to the image thumbnail you’ll see size options - S (small), M (medium), and L (large). Beneath each you’ll find details specific to the selected size: pixel dimensions, size in inches, and pixel density (dpi). You can also view more details about all our sizes by clicking “Size Guide” next to the sizes. Keep in mind these are suggestions only. You can always come back and redownload another size at no extra cost if you find that the size you downloaded doesn’t fit your needs.

Edit the Image
Have some edits you’d like to make to the image? Shutterstock Editor allows you to create custom designs - add text, shapes, other Shutterstock content, and even your own content (like your company logo). When you’re done, you can license and download the final product or publish it to social media seamlessly. Learn more about Shutterstock Editor.

Download the Image
If you’re just looking to download the image, hit the Download button, select the plan you’d like to download from (or purchase a new plan) and after confirming, the image will download to the location you’ve set your browser to. 

How does upgrading to an Enhanced License work?
In some cases users will be able to upgrade an individual download to an Enhanced License. If you’d like to opt for this, just check the box on the download page, then click Download. You’ll be brought to the checkout page to purchase the Enhanced License. This will not use an existing download if you have an active plan. 

Explore More Shutterstock Content
Beneath the image, you’ll find the list of keywords associated with it. Click any of these keywords to explore other images with the same keyword. Below that you’ll see similar images, which are displayed using our computer vision technology that “sees” the pixels and finds images with similar composition. You’ll also find images from the same artist (or images with the same model, if the image depicts one). Many contributors submit variations of the same content, which gives users flexibility in finding the perfect image.

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