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A Guide to Changing Aspect Ratio in Final Cut Pro

A Guide to Changing Aspect Ratio in Final Cut Pro

There are many reasons why you may need to change the aspect ratio of a video. You could have recorded it in a different format or want to show it on a larger screen than what fits the aspect ratio you used when recording and editing. Whatever the reason, changing this ratio in Final Cut Pro is not too difficult of a task. 

About Aspect Ratio

In Final Cut Pro, to change aspect ratio, it first helps to understand the basics of this concept. Aspect ratio is just the ratio of the height and width of a video. Standard televisions operate in full screen, which is 4:3 or 640 x 480. For HDTVs, it would require widescreen, which is 16:9 or 1280 x 720. Movies and larger screen require different aspect ratios. Typically, ratios for movies include 21:9, 14:10 and 19:19. 

If you do not choose the right ratio to match the screen size, you will get black bars either on the top and bottom or on the side.  In Final Cut Pro, you have the option of choosing 4:3 or 16:9 as your aspect ratio. Do be aware that sometimes when this is changed, it can distort the video images, so you may need to do additional editing or make further adjustments after. 

Step-By-Step Guide

On the interface in Final Cut Pro, change aspect ratio by following these steps:

Step One: Select the video you wish to work with. 
Step Two: Open Inspector. You can use the shortcut Command + 4 to open it. 
Step Three: Click on Info.
Step Four: Change the pop-up menu to Settings. This is found in the lower left corner.
Step Five: Choose Anamorphic Override.
Step Six: Select Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9). There is also a None Set option, which may be the default setting when you open this window.


After you have changed the aspect ratio, you may need to make additional revisions to fix any problems that occurred during the change. Make sure to view your video one last time for a final check. 

In most cases, making this change will be quick and easy. In general, as long as you follow the steps given, you should not have problems with later viewing the video in the new aspect ratio. Do keep in mind that you can go back and undo the change, though, if you do not like the final product. You can also double check the aspect ratio of any video by following the same steps. For help with other features of Final Cut Pro, please feel free to visit Shutterstock again. 
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