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A Comparison of Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas

A Comparison of Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas

There are many different video editing software options on the market. Two of the more popular options are Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas. Before you make a choice of which one of them you would like to use, it can help to do a simple comparison to see how they stack up against each other. They are similar in a couple major ways. They both are professional video editing software. They are both designed for various uses, including business and personal. They also both all for video and audio editing. However, it is the differences that really can help you to make a final decision between them. 


Some of the biggest differences when comparing Final Cut Pro vs. Sony Vegas are with accessibility. Final Cut Pro is available only on Apple devices and runs only on the iOS. Sony Vegas is available only on Windows devices. In addition, Final Cut Pro is available on mobile devices and desktops, but Sony Vegas is only available on desktops. These points can make a decision simple from the start, especially if you only use one type of device or one operating system. 


Going deeper into the differences between the two programs, the features are a great thing to consider. Both programs have 64-bit architecture and GPU acceleration. Final Cut Pro is designed more for intermediate users, while Sony Vegas is usable by even beginners. Final Cut Pro features auto save and direct capture, but Sony Vegas does not have either. However, Sony Vegas has subtitles and supports 3D video, which Final Cut Pro does not. In addition, Sony Vegas offers more video input and output formats. 


Next up when looking at Final Cut Pro vs. Sony Vegas is the general usability. Looking at Final Cut Pro, users say there is a learning curve. It can be confusing to figure out all the editing options and to get comfortable with the overall interface. However, it is less expensive than Sony Vegas. Speaking of Sony Vegas, it is pretty much easy to start using it right out of the box. It is very user-friendly, so those who have used any type of video editing software should not have trouble using this program. On the downside, it lacks a good choice of audio filters, which could be an issue for some users.

The Bottom Line

Comparing these two software programs shows how equal they end up being. Each had good and bad points that really depend on your specific needs. For most people, the choice between the two usually comes down to the fact that one is made for iOS and the other for Windows. If you want to find ways to make your videos better in either of these programs, then stop by Shutterstock. 
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