Shutterstock Tax Collection (non-US)

In short, yes: a number of countries require us to collect sales, VAT or GST tax.

Whether Shutterstock collects tax on a purchase is primarily determined by the country where your payment method is registered and by the billing address on file in your account.

Most countries require that we collect tax only from our private individual customers and not from business customers assuming you are properly registered in accordance with applicable regulations in your country. If you’re a business operating in one of the below listed countries, you’ll see a section on your Billing page where you can enter your local tax ID (which is usually your VAT/GST registered number). This helps us determine whether or not to collect the applicable tax. Entering a valid tax ID which can be verified generally means we will not assess VAT/GST on your purchases from us, though there are some exceptions that require us to assess and collect VAT/GST in any case.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in our efforts comply with tax regulations worldwide.

RegionTax TypeTax Number CollectedNotes
European UnionVATVAT NumberMost Netherlands-based customers pay VAT. Learn more here.
South AfricaVATVAT NumberShutterstock is required to charge all customers in South Africa VAT.
New ZealandGSTNZBN 
NorwayVATOrganization Number 
SwitzerlandVATVAT NumberShutterstock is required to charge all customers in Switzerland VAT. Beginning in October 2018.

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