Does Shutterstock collect sales and other taxes?

Because Shutterstock is just like all other businesses, we are required to collect a sales tax in countries where that is a requirement. In short, there are several tax laws that we are required to comply with. Helping our customers to understand the details is just one more way that Shutterstock works to make using our website and services simple for our customers.
Individual Tax
We have customers who live in many different countries around the world. In most of these countries, we are required to collect tax from private individual customers. As you would expect, this is not a simple process as the percentage of tax collected also depends on each country’s requirements. Your individual tax rate will be determined by the billing address that you put on file in your account. For most people, this is the billing address that is linked to your credit card.

Business Tax
We use a slightly different process with for our valued business customers. Instead of determining tax rates by billing address, we offer a section in which a business can enter their local tax ID#. In many cases, a valid business tax ID# lets our system know not to charge any tax at all. There are only a few countries that still require us to collect tax from businesses, even with an ID#.  These include:
  • European Union – The type of tax collected in the European Union is the VAT.  Our system is built to recognize a VAT tax number.  Most customers in the Netherlands are included in this tax rate. 
  • South Africa – Customers with a business in South Africa also pay a VAT tax rate and have a VAT number which our system will recognize.
  • Australia –  In Australia, business customers are charged according to the GST tax rate. When an Australian business puts an ABN ID# into our system, it will be recognized and taxed accordingly.
  • New Zealand – New Zealand businesses are also charged GST taxes.  However, the tax number needed to trigger this in our system is the NZBN.
Coming Soon
In order to be a successful worldwide business, it is important that Shutterstock work to maintain legal taxation policies to the best of our ability. Some may note that no taxes have been collected to this point, however, should tax laws change in various parts of the world, we will always make every effort to remain in compliance. Our commitment to providing the best services to each and every customer goes hand in hand with our commitment to respect and comply with tax regulations worldwide.

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