Why does my invoice say “Shutterstock Netherlands” on it?

If your invoice indicates Shutterstock Netherlands, BV., along with a Netherlands address, this simply indicates that your account transacts with our Netherlands entity. Unless you’re a customer doing business in the Netherlands, it will have no impact on your account, billing, or usage.

In August of 2015, Shutterstock began assigning new customers outside of the US and Canada to our legal entity in the Netherlands.

Your account will transact with the Netherlands entity if you meet both of these conditions:

  • you’re outside of the US or Canada AND
  • you purchased your first product from Shutterstock on or after August 3, 2015

Customers who do not meet these two criteria will transact with Shutterstock’s US-based entity.

The main impact of this change is for Dutch customers: when transacting with Shutterstock Netherlands, BV., Dutch customers will always pay VAT, which is required for all business between Dutch companies. Non-Dutch customers in the EU can still enter their VAT number to be exempt from paying VAT at the time of purchase.

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